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Topic: Should children be allowed to choose not to get an education? Why or why not? Provide reasons.

Recently, some people claim that children should be allowed to choose not to get an education. It sounds like that the children have more freedom, but as far as I am concerned, it is very imprudent because education is undoubtedly significant while children may not be aware of this fact.
Education is essential to individuals. The adage, “Knowledge is power.” is almost a cliché but still correct. With education, children can set up the right concept of both the whole world and their own life. That is to say, they are able to broaden their horizon and acquire useful knowledge as well to deal with the problems they may face. In addition, well-educated people usually get good jobs with high salary and pleasant working circumstance. In other words, education probably promises good life for people.
On the other hand, education is of great importance to society too. The development of society needs various people who have different and professional knowledge. If children are allowed to give up education, definitely some of them will not study. As a result, there will be a lack of professional employees several years later. There is no doubt that this kind of lack will lead to slower to even stopped development in society.
As we all know, children, even adults prefer play to work or study. This is human nature and we should not blame children too much when they ignore studying from time to time since they are too young to have any idea of the importance of education which I have mentioned above. However, it is our duty to teach and force them to finish their learning. That’s why I disagree that children ought to be allowed to choose not get an education.
In conclusion, in my opinion, even parents or teachers, let alone children themselves, can’t decide whether children should be educated or not. It should be the birthright for everyone in this world to get an education.