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    Would you help me with these

    1) “Democrats acknowledge that have not found anything in Judge Roberts' record that would derail his nomination” (I couldn’t find any meaning for “derail”in this sense so would tell me what it means?)

    2) Two truck drivers started picking up scores of abandoned cars (what’s scores mean?)

    3) Is this expression (around the clock) common in AmE?

    4) Officials working to identify remains processed bodies (what’s processed mean?)


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    Re: meaning

    1- 'Derail' comes from trains, so if a process is derailed, it fails to reach the end.
    2- a score = 20
    3- I can't speak for AE, but it's common enough in BrE
    4- Go through whatever procedures are required, presumably things like completing forms, trying to identify through photos, dental records, any post mortem, etc.

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