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    Past, Present, Future Participles

    When are paticiples mainly used, and how would you use them in a sentance?

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    Re: Past, Present, Future Participles

    Present particle- the form of the verb ending -ing when used as a main verb or an adjective:
    I am writing to you. (verb, with auxiliary verb 'be')
    It was an interesting film. (adjective)
    NB- A gerund has the same form, but functions as a noun or after a preposition, etc.
    Past particple- the -ed form (if regular) used with the auxialiary verb 'have' for perfect forms or 'be' for passive forms:
    I have finished. (have + past participle)
    It was done yesterday. (be + past participle- passive voice)
    There's no future participle.

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