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Thread: Confidence

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    I am English language teacher. I have confidence but I am weak in eye contact. specially during lecture I fell shy to see girls. How can I build my eye contact?

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    Re: Confidence

    Everyone knows lack of self confidence is in contradiction to becoming a good teacher. I think your problem is just an obsession. You must know and believe you are better than your students and have a wider range of knowledge. There is a famous sentence: "Teachers are authorities in classrooms." Keep it ringing in yours ears. It might help you.

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    Re: Confidence

    You mention lectures, which seem to be a bit impersonal by definition. If it's purely eye contact that you're having trouble with, then I would suggest just do it no matter how uncomfortable you feel, and after a short time, it'll just come naturally.

    But in the classroom, I think interpersonal skills come into play a lot more. I would suggest you find a teacher you know is good at it, and observe them teaching. I suspect what you'll see is a lot of using students' names, remembering things about their students' personal lives, and asking follow questions during feedback out of a genuine interest. Not only does it show your students that you care, but it can create many opportunities for communication to occur in the future, which can only be a good thing.

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