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    perfection of an existing product ?

    Is this perfection "perfect state" or "to try to make something perfect"?

    No matter how good your product is, remember that perfection of an existing product is not necessarily the best
    investment one can make. (A) , the Erie Canal, which took four years to build, was regarded as the height of
    efficiency in its day. What its builders had not considered was that the advent of the railroad would assure the canal’s
    instant downfall. By the time the canal was finished, the railroad had been established as the fittest technology for
    transportation. (B) , when the fuel cell becomes the automotive engine of choice, the car companies focusing on
    increasing the efficiency of the internal combustion engine may find themselves left behind. Is it time to keep making
    what you are making? Or is it time to create a new niche? Innovation requires noticing signals outside the company
    itself: signals in the community, the environment, and the world at large.

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    Re: perfection of an existing product ?

    Trying to make it perfect IMO.

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