Please proofread the following sentences for me!

1) Due to anticipated increase in demand for tree maintenance work in upcoming months, which results in frequent replacement of tools, additional saw chains are necessarily required to meet the needs.

2) I would like to report that as confirmed by Mr. A, the coordinator of the Supplies Department's contractor, over the phone this morning, the Supplies Department decided to commence the project of installing a water machine located close to the female changing room on 14.07.2011. I will keep in view of the project's progress and report to you in due course/when the project is done.

3) Concerning the routine anti-mosquito operation, workers from CTR cleaning company went to ABC park to carry out the third anti-mosquito operation yesterday. (The remaining two operation will be held on 18.07.2011 and 01.08.2011) Insecticide was widely applied at all the flowerbeds within the park and the whole operation lasted for around 3 hours. Besides, the cleaning workers were instructed to thoroughly clean all the manholes and water channels located along the outskirt of ABC park. Please see the attached photos for reference.

Snapshots showing the cleaning company's workers applying insecticide at the flowerbeds within ABC park

Thank you very much in advance!