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    quorum or quorum size

    I want to speak about the number of members required for a quorom, as opposed to the actual members who may form the quorum. For example, if I want to say that it was decided that seven members would be required, shall I say "the qurom size was set to seven" or "the quorom was set to seven" (or is there another way to say this)?

    Please note that I am not actually trying to say the above; I just need the correct noun, which I will use as a variable name in a computer program. (If you are not familiar with computer programming languages, just imagine that I have a table describing voting systems and one of the columns lists the number required for quorom. What would be a correct, short, heading for this column?)

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    Re: quorum or quorum size

    'The quorum size was reset to 7' is fine. You could call your variable quorum_size or quorumSize (better Object-Oriented style), or qs or just quorum - it's up to you.

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