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    tell me my errors plz

    what is missing in this short paragraph.i can not detect errors myself. i am so nevious on my essay writing now.

    The literature on the use of cost-benefit analysis suggests two ways to estimate a monetary value for intangible items such as pain, suffering, and loss quality of life. Firstly, estimates are based on the price one would like to pay for avoid disability, such as death or injury, and secondly, estimates are based on the price one would have to compensate to a victim for his tangible or intangible cost (Cohen, 2000). These estimates are possible for a calculation of hard-to-observe outcomes. Quantifying allows pain, suffering and quality of life expressing in monetary terms enable an assessment for intangible items (Marsh, 2008). However, for the first review question, a factor that inhibits cost-benefit analysis to policy evaluation relates to intangible cost. Adding intangible cost to cost component of the estimate of the direct cost incurred by crime victim or offender, while maintain the other cost, increase the total costs of the program. This result may lead to a reversal of the cost-benefit findings, from producing a profit to a loss or an undesirable cost-benefit ratio (Austin, 1986; Cohen, 2000; Welsh, 2004). It is always the case that early studies would suggest that omitting the estimation is useful (Glaster, 1973, p47, Tara, 1994, p.573). However, Roman (2003) reminded that exclusion of intangible cost in the estimate would reduce an apparent impact. The severity of crime is less likely to be addressed by the prevention initiatives.

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    Re: tell me my errors plz

    Change "pay for avoid disability" for "pay to avoid disability"
    Change "
    while maintain" for "while maintaining"
    Change "
    It is always the case that early studies would suggest" for "It is always the case that early studies suggest"

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