"Some people feel that entertainers (e.g. film stars, pop musicians or sports stars) are paid too much money. Do you agree or disagree? Which other types of jobs should be highly paid?"

Some people believe that stars should be paid highly, because they entertain people. However, I disagree with them. Although they amuse people and give them pleasure, high salaries create some serious problems in a society. High salaries widen the gap between poor and rich, unbalance the proportion of work to salary, and discourage young people from educating.

The difference between people's income widens the gap between rich and poor people in a society. It seriously threats the safety and security of the society. While three--forth of population live below the poverty level, it is illogical to give some people a large sum of money for playing football or performing in plays. It is also a total waste of money, because the money should be spent on improving the life quality in the society.

In addition, the salary people get in their jobs should be in direct proportion to the effort they put in. Otherwise, the proportion of income to effort will be unbalanced. Stars are often some lucky people. They do not gain fame and money because of their efforts. many cases, they are paid a big amount of money for physical appearance rather than attempts and efforts. This damages the economic equilibrium between people.

Finally, paying high salaries to stars discourages young people from educating. Therewere two boys in our neighbourhood. One of them was a studious student, but the other one was a lazy boy. While the studious boy was studying hard, the lazy boy was playing football and enjoying his time. After some years, the first boy entered university, but the second boy's parents secretly used their influence with important people to provide opportunity for him to go to a famous football club. Now, the first boy works as an engineer for a company. He is really struggling for survival. However, the lazy boy is a famous billionaire. Once, I met the first boy in the street. He deeply sighed and said, "I wish I were a lazy person."

In conclusion, salary should be directly proportional to efforts and attempts people take to do something. Otherwise, it will cause some serious problems in the society. It is not fair to pay a huge amount of money for physical appearance of some people while the majority of population is struggling with many financial problems.


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behnam, 13 June, 2011