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    Smile the head boy

    Hello.I'm wondering what the head boy means in this context.
    I don't think it is the head boy or the head girl in school.
    Is he just a boy who is up in the tree?
    Please help! Thank you.

    "So the two bulls charged at each other, and the head boy yelled so loud he fell out of the tree!" Jacob could hardly finish his tale about school break before convulsing with laughter.

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    Re: the head boy

    I think it probably is the head boy in school. Everyone likes to see those in power get taken down a notch. Here is a dictionary definition:

    a senior boy in a school who is the leader of the students and who represents the school on official occasions

    head boy - definition. American English definition of head boy by Macmillan Dictionary

    *** Not a teacher ***

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