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    Position of Adverbs

    Dear teachers, I would like to ask the position of adverbs, such as also, often, still, after verb to be. In the following examples, which ones are correct? Thank you.

    (1)Quitters often are heavily into substance abuse.
    (2)Quitters are often heavily into substance abuse.
    (3)He is still in the hospital.
    (4)He still is in the hospital.
    (5)She is also an intern.
    (6)She also is an intern.

    It seems to me that the position of the above adverbs in British English is different from that in American English.
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    Re: Position of Adverbs

    Both are grammatically correct but placing an adverb before 'to be' often makes the sentence seem clumsy and should probably be avoided unless there is a good reason to do so.

    Using your sentences #5 and #6 as examples of when changing the place of the adverb could change the meaning of the sentence:

    I might use number 5 if I meant
    "She is an intern (and she is a number of other things as well.)

    If I meant 'she" (among a number of other persons) is an intern.

    I might use number 6.

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