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    peripheral vision that helps to protect cows?

    Is this "to protect cows" for the situation when a shepherd is watching too many sheep around him that he can't sometimes take care of sheep out of his sight? It felt like "where did that come from"?

    ex)If you look at the evolutionary anatomy of eyes, you'll notice some major differences between humans and animals. For one, humans have their eyes set closer together than many other animals, which gives us wonderful depth perception. In exchange, we lose some of the great peripheral vision that helps to protect cows. In a way, that makes us a species with blinders on-because we have binocular vision......

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    Re: peripheral vision that helps to protect cows?

    I understand the example as saying that we as humans have excellent depth perception because our eyes are close together and pointing forward, whereas cows, due to their eyes being on the side of their heads, have better peripheral vision that would help to protect them from danger coming from the side.

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