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    controlled the data

    What does the following in bold mean?

    1. In Oakland, subprime loans were 36% of all refinancing loans made to African American home owners and 17% of those made to Latino home owners, but only 9.5% of those made to white home owners. The race-based prevalence of subprime loans became even more evident once researchers controlled the data for income levels.

    2. The insurance industry is not as closely monitored on discriminatory practices as banks are---yet, that is. Momentum is building to expand laws on the books for financial institutions to regulate insurance.

    Is the above saying "but in fact the insurance industry is as discriminatory as banks are"?

    Thank you.

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    Re: controlled the data

    1. Controlled the data means adjusted the data to account for a particular facet. In this case you can't just look at race, cause not all black people are poor and not all white people are rich or middle class. So you have to look at race for people of comparable incomes.

    2. The author is saying that insurance companies are not as closely monitored as banks, but that may change.

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