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The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages?

The invention of nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. However, its invention also leads to the creation of nuclear weapons, which have long-lasting devastating effects on the environment. Due to this, our society is steering away from using nuclear power, and choosing a safer energy alternative. Therefore, the benefits of nuclear technology do not outweigh the disadvantages, as nuclear technology is harmful to our body, environment and the world’s future.

Nuclear technology is known to have negative impact on our body. Radiation emits from a nuclear reaction can result in the development of cancer – a disease caused by mutation in our gene. A low dose of radiation exposure will not have a serious impact on our body. However, a long period of exposure to radiation, such by living close to a nuclear plant, will seriously impact our bodies. In many studies, people who live close the nuclear power plant have a significantly lower life span – death from cancer - than those who do not. This shows that nuclear technology is harmful to our body.

Aside from negatively impacting our body, nuclear technology is damaging our environment. High dosage of radiation will prevent plants and animals to develop properly, which they will result in death. Not only that, radiation permanently destroys any resources available in the area, as those resources are contaminated by radiation. With radiation destroying plants, animals and the resources, the land will become uninhabitable.

At the end, nuclear technology will ultimately be the end for our world. With the development of nuclear power, we now have nuclear weapons that can wipe out an entire continent in matter of minutes. In the near future, a war will not simply be just armies against other armies; it will most likely be nuclear warheads against other nuclear warheads, with 1 warhead enough to destroy a nation, and the warhead fragments release high dosage of radiation into the environment. As a result, our future is going to be in great peril with the invention of nuclear technology.

In summary, the disadvantages of nuclear technology greatly outweigh the benefits. The invention of cheap and clean energy does not compensate the damaging effect of radiation to our health and our environment. In the near future, nuclear weapons that can destroy an entire continent propose a threat to our world, as war in the future will most likely deploy nuclear warheads instead of armies.