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    Accompanied by, for instance, my friends.

    But what about: "I would have been acc............. my family to the festival"

    N.B. Is "festival" the right word for outdoors musical concerts normally taking place during (the) summer.

    Best Regards Inger

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    Re: accompanied

    "I would have been accompanied by my family to the festival" is a perfectly good English sentence.

    Is "festival" the right word for outdoors musical concerts normally taking place during (the) summer?
    A festival usually involves some sort of celebration or special occasion.
    'Performance' might be a better word than 'festival.'

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    Re: accompanied

    In the UK, a music festival is a regular summer event with, as you said, various acts. They're common enough that usually we leave out the word "music".

    If someone said to me "My son and his mates have gone to a festival this weekend" I would assume that they were in a muddy field somewhere, getting drunk and listening to various bands play on a few different stages (ie Glastonbury).

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