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Despite official or unofficial records contribute to data collection, our analysis may conduct our own data collection. Our analysis allows an estimate of intangible cost to an offender on Home Detention. Our analysis assumes detainees who are being monitored to suffer stress, which would be aggravated by the problems with the way the equipment operated and suffer anxiety about the consequence if they got it wrong (Gibbs and King, 2003). These detainees may require psychological treatment service. This estimate allows an assessment of the service cost, while quantifying stress and anxiety of the offender to home detention. The record of offender population using the services would be an absence. This information is not routinely recorded by the government, so a simple sampling activity has to be carried out. This involved an estimation of psychological service, where an offender involved will be asked to report the number of using the services. This data will be then divided by the total cost of government funds to psychological service. This made it possible to calculate the total service's cost of a detainer to the psychological services.