This study aims to show up the potential of space-based technique using satellite altimetry mission for derived surface current and understanding the ocean circulation at Malaysian Seas. This method will offer the best opportunity to overcome the weakness of available measurement method and will improve our knowledge about sea surface current and ocean circulation pattern at Malaysian Seas.

Beside that, the surface current information through this study can be benefitted to support the marine operation and other scientific research at Malaysian seas. For example in offshore exploration, the surface current information is important to monitoring the stresses on offshore structure and to determine the area with minimum impact from strong current. It is because; the strong current can affect the platform structure and can seriously disrupt the offshore exploration drilling and development operations. In the fishing industry, the sea surface current information is useful in prediction of optimal fishing location. It is because; the sea surface current transport nutrients which are need by the fish. So, the information will help determine the distribution of fish in the ocean.

Apart from that, the sea surface current is required to minimise the effect of accidental oil spill. For example, the crash of an oil tanker in the Malacca Straits causes serious problem in the region. By combining the sea surface current information with other information like wind speed, tidal, temperature and etc, the behaviour of oil spill can be predicted and forecasted. In the shipping industry, shipmaster will incorporate the information of sea surface currents to guide their journey. The information can minimize cost and duration of ship journey especially when facing different season. Lastly, the development of Ocean Current Information System (OCIS) as database central for surface current and other ocean information will benefit the researcher. The system will be useful as an alternative database or as a supporting to MyNODC which researcher can freely extract and analyze for study surface current for other scientific purposes.