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Thread: spell checking

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    spell checking

    Dear Teachers,

    I learn English on my own and found that translation into English is a very good opportunity of practising the language. But without correction this can be a dangerous way cause I canít correct my own mistakes. While I translate with five minutes per sentence speed chatting isnít a good solution, if only the conversation partner has only one finger Iím going to compose 5-10 sentence stories. How often can I ask for your help on correction without bother you or if you can recommend any spell checker software or site?

    Kind regards,


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    Re: spell checking

    It's not clear from your note whether you are looking for help with your grammar, your spelling or both.

    Doesn't your English language word processor have a spell checker? Most do.

    You probably have, or should have, an English dictionary (book form) and
    an English grammar book. These are your best friends when you are studying a new langauge.

    I believe that if you use all these tools to create the best sentences you
    can it won't be difficult to find someone to check/correct short passages for you.

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