hello dear teachers ,
i've written a paragraph about problems that face third word , i wanna make sure that it's grammatically correct and i also need to use some transition words .
There are a lot of problems and obstacles to development that many developing countries face like corruption, foreign debt and also illiteracy and wrong education policy. Corruption is considered one of the major problems, it is the dishonest use of power and authority for personal gain .it's not a moral issue. Actually it has adverse effect on economic and political development because of it lead to capital investment decrease, lack of employment opportunities and poverty. According to World Bank the cost of corruption is estimated to be between US $20 billion to US $40 billion per year.
Second one is external or foreign debt and it has impact on economic growth, it's remain a problem for many countries .because it's such a burden on economy. It's exhaust their natural resources and export, it's increase foreign interference in domestic affairs

thank you in advance