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    coming back suddenly


    Two women were talking. Mrs X said that she has come back home unexpectedly and probably that's why her servant is not home. Mrs Y said that she and her mother have just come back from Jamaica.

    Mrs Y said to Mrs X:

    Coming back suddenly,’ she said, in a kind but casual way,
    ‘if you want bread or milk or anything, we ’ve plenty.’

    Mrs X said: Thank you.

    I'm not sure how to interpret "coming back suddenly" here? Does it mean "I'll come back quickly if you want some bread or milk from us"?

    Or maybe: Because you came back suddenly we can give you some bread and milk.

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    Re: coming back suddenly

    Not a teacher

    My opinion:

    "Coming back suddenly" - Informal comment meaning: "so, you have come back unexpectedly"


    "Washing your car, are you?"

    Stating the obvious, often to show interest or as a starter for a conversation.


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