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    Exclamation Deontic and Epistemic Modality

    I'm writing in this forum 'cause I can't understand when a modality(deontic or epistemic) of a verb is not realized!
    In the mock exam my teacher wrote that in sentences like:
    1)The men,wearing anoraks and hats,made off in a stolen Volvo estate
    2) The prime minister is being encouraged to sack the Health Minister
    the modality of that verbs (underlined) is NOT realized! Why? I can't understand!
    Is there someone who can help me,please? Next week I'll have the exam..I need somebody help me! Thanks : )

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    Re: Deontic and Epistemic Modality

    In normal parlance, the terms 'epistemic modality' and 'deontic modality' refer exclusively to modal verbs (can, must, etc.) I can therefore see no real relevance to the sentences you cite, since they contain none.

    Have you perhaps misunderstood your teacher's comments?

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