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Thread: Bridget Jones

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    Bridget Jones

    This is from her diary (in the movie):

    " Mum was really scraping the barrel with Mark Darcy. He acts like he's got a giant gherkin thrust up his backside..."

    I did check dictionary beforehand, but still am uncertain what she means.

    1. What is " scraping the barrel with" ?

    2. "Got a giant gherkin thrust up his backside" means he was stiff, nervous, snobby or pompous? And why?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Bridget Jones

    Just wonder, which chapter is that phrase In ?
    I guess it is in the first one, but I couldn't find it.
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    Re: Bridget Jones

    When you're scarping the barrel, you're trying something sub-standard because there's nothing better. In other words, she couldn't get a better man. As for the gherkin, it means that he doesn't behave naturally, I'd guess, he's a bit stiff.

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    Re: Bridget Jones

    Thanks tdol

    Hi, Alc112. I didn't read the book. It's one of the passages in BJ's diary which, at the conclusion of the 2001 movie, Mark Darcy 'accidentally' threw a glance at. It's really a very funny movie. I missed a lot the first time I saw it in theater; thanks to DVD subtitle feature and the PAUSE on my remote, this time I got a better grasp of what's going on I think.
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