I cannot remember any acquaintance doesn’t have a mobile. Today, without using a mobile phone is strange. This kind of person needs to be explained. All of our social relations are stored in the phone's phone book, free to get out of use as our wishes. Only a necromancer in ancient age could have this magic.
Mobile refreshed the interpersonal relationships. Usually there is a notice on the conference room door: participants are requested to silence their phones. But the room still sound as a ringtone. We are all general person, and we do not have many important things. Nevertheless, we will not easily turn off the phone. Using the phone symbols our ties with the world. Mobile phone reflects our social hungry and thirsty. The most common is that a person walked suddenly stopped, his eyes staring at the phone screen, sends text messages. He did not care to stop in the middle of the road or next to the toilet.
Why is SMS and calls for such care? Because we desperately want to keep in touch with the society.