What would you change in the script I made up for an educational cartoon?

List of idioms

1. to do oneís bit
2. to have (got) something on the go
3. to make amends to someone for something
4. to pass the buck
5. to come to terms with someone/something
6. to come/get to grips with something
7. to climb/jump/get on the bandwagon
8. a crash course
9. a spot check
10. to turn the tables on
11. to tell someone where to get off

Eric: Hi, Sam! Why are looking so sad?
Sam: Hi, Eric! I wanted to talk to Victoria a few minutes ago, but she just told me where to get off.
Eric: I am not surprised! Victoria is one of our best managers. She always does her bit and never passes the buck. And as she was assigned your mentor, she has really tried to help you.
Sam: I know all this, and I do appreciate it. But lately, whenever I come up with a suggestion, she has been all smiles and no action.
Eric: Well, you know she has had a couple of projects on the go now, and, being as busy as she is, she certainly listened to your suggestions, but your ideas are just not good enough.
Sam: At least she could have told me!
Eric: Oh, Sam! It is time you came to terms with the idea that nobody is going to spoon-feed you here.
Sam: OK, Eric. I got you. Today I will try to make amends to Victoria for being such a bother. I will invite her out to lunch.
Eric: Hey, Sammy! Donít jump on the bandwagon! Itís one of the biggest mistakes guys make!
Sam: Well, Eric, it sounds like a crash course for a newbie.
Eric: OK, I didnít mean to hurt your feelings, Sam
Sam: No hard feelings, Eric, relax.
Eric: Well, now you have turned the tables on me, Sam. At the beginning I gave you advice, now I am apologizing to you and asking your advice-what should we do?
Sam: Eric, I do appreciate your advice, just like everybody elseís here. I am just trying to come to grips with the problems I am having now. Any help is welcome.
Eric: OK, then, from now on Iíll do spot checks of your performance and pick up your brains about the upcoming projects, just in case you are missing something.
Sam: Oh, thank you, Eric! That is what I have been meaning to ask you about, but somehow have never got round to.
Eric: Youíre welcome.

Thank you for your time and help.