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    sentence analasys

    in this sentence.... What are you suggesting?
    what's the function and category of what?

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    Re: sentence analasys

    Quote Originally Posted by brunete girl View Post
    in this sentence.... What are you suggesting?
    what's the function and category of what?

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****


    (1) My books tell me that "what" in "What are you suggesting?"

    is called an interrogative pronoun.

    (a) It's called "interrogative" because it asks a question.

    (b) It's called "pronoun" because it takes the place of any word or

    group of words that can be used like a noun.

    (i) Pro= "for" + noun

    (i) Tom: What are you suggesting?

    Sue: That we go to the beach. (noun clause)

    Are you suggesting that we go to the beach?

    So "what" refers to "that we go to the beach" (for example).

    (c) If you put it in regular order, you will see its function in your


    You + are suggesting + what?

    You = subject.

    are suggesting = verb (phrase)

    what = direct object.



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