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    Europe's considerations

    Please, check if the following passage is grammatically correct. Thanks!

    From the beginning, Erdogan won the support of important sectors of the Turkish public. He represented emerging forces in the society which believed that he would properly implement their world view as well as keep their economic and political interests. Many leftists, who detested Erdogan's path, saw him as an element that could weaken and erode the military which they detested even more. Therefore, in order to destroy the military, they were ready to go as far as letting Erdogan control Turkey in the hope that at the end of the day he would keep the state as it was, namely – secular and pro-Western. Unexpectedly, it was the West which clearly sided with Erdogan. Europe preferred Islamist, who declared his commitment to democracy and expressed the will of the public, to generals with scowling faces who insisted on dictating the Turkish people what was good for it. However, the politicians of the West didn't have in mind only considerations of moral and democracy. They understood well that the more Islamic Turkey became the easier it was to prevent its joining the EU, even if in the course of becoming more and more Islamic, it became more and more democratic. Last week's elections served as a sort of estimation which showed clearly that Erdogan was the one who had gained the upper hand.
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