Sometimes you achieve your goals easily, sometimes you donít. if you meet failures and obstacles on the way to your success, donít give up! I believe this saying is true: ďif at first you donít succeed, try, try againĒ. Persistence and aspiration will lead you to success.
Only your merit in a particular field isnít enough. For example: suppose you are a young, talented pianist and you want to be successful in music. You parents want you to be a scientist. Despite the fact that you are skilled, you fail in exam of piano class. Your parents are taking advantage of this and telling you: ďyou should quit music and do some work in scienceĒ. You lose heart and decide to follow your parentsí advice. With this discouragement you will never reach your goal.
On the other hand, I know a girl who succeeded in spite of lacking special skills and support. This girl was clueless in math during middle school, though she had always been dreaming about becoming a doctor. Everyone was skeptical, because of her failure in math classes. She was working hard and in high school everything changed. Her hard-working made sense and she became the one, who was winner of algebra and geometry competitions. Now nobody doubts, that she will be a successful doctor.
If you want to succeed, you should realize that you fail many times. You can give up the way with which you are trying to succeed and find another one, but never give up your goal and dreams.