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Thread: i've earned it?

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    i've earned it?

    The two women working in the same office are talking about what to bring to the office, and Mel is asking about bringing muffin, and Andrea answers "I've earned", I listened to this line many times and it sounded like "I've did it" which doesn't seem to make any sense.
    If the line is "I've earned it", does "earn" mean "prepare"?
    If so, I've never heard of this meaning so far.

    Mel- So, i'll see you at the store?
    Andrea- Mm-hmm. Oh, bring coffee?
    Mel- Of course. Muffin?
    Andrea- I think i've earned it. Pumpkin.
    Mel- Ooh! Done!
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    Re: i've earned it?

    Muffins are high in calories and not the best food for one who is watching his or her diet. She is saying that (for whatever reason) she deserves to have a muffin. She has "earned" the privilege of having a muffin.

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    Re: i've earned it?

    This conversation relies on the listener understanding the obsession many American women have with staying very slim/slender and not eating any non-healthy foods. We're constantly bombarded with media stories about how overweight Americans are, and over the years it has made (mostly) women feel guilty about every bite of food they put into their mouths. They feel the need to justify to themselves and anyone nearby that they've earned the privilege of eating something "sinful" like a muffin (instead of a carrot or celery stalk) because they engaged in some strenuous exercise previously and have thus burned off enough calories to compensate for the muffin.

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