Here is a cartoon script produced by one of my colleagues. She tried to use all of the idioms from this list:

1. to march to the same drummer

2. blueprint

3. to make blue sky

4. to have no truck with

5.to dip into

6. to mesh

7. layoffs

8. shortfall

9. a think tank

10. to be at a crossroads

11.to be someone`s ticket

12. to bring to the table

I have not been able to trace the meaning of the expression "to make blue sky" on answers.com, idiomquest.com and thefreedictionary.com and the Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions section on this site.
Also, I have doubts about "meshing with somebody"; at least the definitions I read on the above sites only vaguely point in the direction of "to cooperate, to have the same goals".
And I have not found the expression "to march to the same drummer".
The meanings of the first and third expressions are clear, but I am wondering whether they are used in modern English.
So, here is the script:

- How is it going, Fred? At last year Board meeting your boss was making blue sky.
- Everything was really good. But recently the situation has changed and not in our favour.
-What`s up?
- One of our regular suppliers missed the deadline for their deliveries which resulted in the shortfall between expenditure and revenue. Moreover, we let our customers down.
- Did they give any reason for their delay?
- They said they couldn`t cope with the orders in time because of considerable layoffs.
- But it`s their problem. Have you thought of having no trucks with them any more?
- Actually, we`re at a crossroad at the moment. It`s not so easy to break up. We`ve been meshing with them for ten years.
- I see. Ties aren`t built overnight. You know, we happened to be in the same situations a couple of years ago. Though our then partners took the responsibility and offered to negotiate the case.
- Did they manage to bring any really efficient proposals to the table?
- Oh, yes. We came to a compromise and are still co-operating.
- You were lucky. Unfortunately, we`ll have to make serious changes in our policy. My boss called in a think tank. They have already come up with a blueprint we`re now considering
- Those people you unintentionally let down … Did they ask for any compensation?
- Sure. And we`ll have to dip into the budget to pay them.
- And how are your employees taking the situation?
- With understanding. We hope the new strategy will be our ticket to success.
- It`s great when people in the team march to the same drummer. You`ll survive. Good luck!

Any suggestions are welcome.
Thank you for the time and help.
- Thanks. I`m sure we will.