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    perpetual means continuous or secular?

    Pragmatism is best understood in its historical and cultural context. It arose during a period of rapid scientific advancement, industrialization, and material progress; a time when the theory of evolution suggested to many thinkers that humanity and society are in a perpetual state of progress.

    The word “perpetual” in line 22 is closest in meaning to
    (a) challenging
    (b) continuous
    (c) declining
    (d) secular

    I chose B but the answer is D. Which one is correct?

    In the dictionary, there are so many meanings of the word
    1. Lasting for eternity.
    2. Continuing or lasting for an indefinitely long time.

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    Re: perpetual means continuous or secular?

    B, "continuous" is the correct answer .. "perpetual" does not mean "secular".

    not a teacher

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