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Thread: county fair

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    county fair

    County is translated sometimes as "state" sometimes as "the subdivision under state". I think the latter is correct. Will Americans tell me what county is and county fair is?

    ex) One summer morning, John rented an ice cream truck and drove it to the county fair. He parked the truck by the main entrance and began selling ice cream. His plan was short-lived, however. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, John heard his father’s voice say, “Better go home, son. Now.” Bewildered and embarrassed, he obeyed. The father arrived home and found John in front of their house. He was sitting in the rented truck with his head slumped down. “Do you know why I told you to go home?” the father asked John. He explained that John hadn’t paid the concession fee. “But I wasn’t selling inside,” John argued, adding that he didn’t break the rules. “That’s just it,” the father said. “You could sell ice cream thanks to the fair, but you didn’t pay anything to support it.”

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    Re: county fair

    In the US, a county is a subdivision of a state. There are 67 counties, for example, in my state of Pennsylvania. The county runs the courts and the justice system for the state in that area.

    The county fair is an annual festival/carnival originally held for the benefit of agriculture in an area. Livestock and other farm products are judged, with awards given for the best. There are tractor pulls and other competitions. There are amusement rides and lots of good food. There is entertainment.

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