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    Meet/meet with/meet up with


    Can anybody explain the differences between meet, meet with, and meet up with?

    1. meet someone
    2. meet with someone
    3. meet up with someone

    Thank you so much for your time!


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    Re: Meet/meet with/meet up with

    Longman Contemporary dictionary,

    meet up phrasal verb
    1 to meet someone in order to do something together :
    We often meet up after work and go for a drink.

    meet up with
    Iíve got to go now, but Iíll meet up with you later.
    2 if roads, paths etc meet up, they join together at a particular place
    meet up with
    The path eventually meets up with the main road.
    meet up informal if friends meet up, they meet in order to do something together : We must meet up some time. | Why donít I meet up with you after lunch?

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