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    Usage of "corral"

    Friends told him he was crazy to travel all that way with five kids. What a nightmare! Did he have any idea how hard it would be to corral them? Five feeding schedules. Five nap schedules. San Francisco to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh to Rome. Rome to Naples. Naples to Eboli by train. Shuttles, double taxis. Impossible!
    According to the Longman dictionary, corral means:

    corral 2 verb ( past tense and past participle corralled , present participle corralling British English , corraled , corraling American English ) [ transitive ]

    1 to make animals move into a corral : They corralled the cattle before loading them onto the truck.

    2 to keep people in a particular area, especially in order to control them : Once at the airport, we were herded to the gate and corralled into a small room.
    So, in the sentence I quoted above, how is corral used? Is it used as "to keep people in a particular are"? It's not exactly clear.


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    Re: Usage of "corral"

    Move them into, and/or keep them in, a managable space; keep them together.

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