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    Smile Chance / Opportunity

    How to use chance / opportunity? Are there any collocations in using these two words? Please show me some examples. Thanks

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    Re: Chance / Opportunity

    See the Similar Threads at the bottom of the page - especially the last one.


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    Re: Chance / Opportunity

    Opportunity is the most common of these terms. It implies an occurrence of circumstances favourable to doing something, especially something that corresponds to one;s wishes, purposes or inclinations.

    government policy of giving all citizens an equal chance (equal opportunity)
    we had an opportunity to visit our parents
    opportunity knocks (appears
    a fleeting opportunity
    a lost opportunity
    a missed opportunity
    to grab an opportunity
    to seize an opportunity
    to take an opportunity
    to afford an opportunity
    to give an opportunity
    We were given this single opportunity to train the batch of young officers because the War Office have faith in the traditions of the Corps.
    to offer an opportunity)

    Chance is a favorable opportunity that comes seemingly by good fortune or accident and calls for action. In negative statements it is full synonym of opportunity.

    to have an chance of

    to stand a chance of
    she has a good chance of success
    he doesn’t have a ghost of a chance
    to let a chance slip by
    to miss one’s chance
    he doesn’t have an earthy chance of being elected
    there is little chance of that happening
    she doesn’t stand a chance against such strong competitors
    she had a chance to visit her family
    there is no chance that she will win
    to take a chance on = to try one’s luck at
    it was by pure chance that we met

    If….I could get back my purity of motive so easily, I should be a fool not to take the chance.
    If anything went wrong, I had lost that stake altogether, and so had no second chance.

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