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    I havethe several questions

    Hi there, I want to ask you the several questions. All right Let's start it. When I talking about PAST every time can I use Past Perfect tense?
    Second question - I saw in the internet the sign which was called "DO NOT PASS" What does it mean?

    If I've have made any mistakes please correct them =)

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    Re: I havethe several questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Paulys View Post
    Hi there, I want to ask you the several questions.
    Please start a new thread for unrelated questions.
    When I am talking about the PAST (every time) , can I use the Past Perfect tense?
    When we are talking about events that happened in the past, we normally use the Past Simple and, if appropriate, the Past Progressive/Continuous.

    We use the Past Perfect only if we wish to show that a situation was already in progress, or completed, a/by a particular past time.

    I arrived at her house at 10 o'clock; she had already left. (She was no longer at home; the leaving happened before 10.)

    George insisted on stopping for a cup of coffee. he had been driving for four hours, and he needed a break. (The driving began before the stop, and continued for four hours up to the stop).

    Note that when one action took place before another, we do not need to use the past perfect if the sequence of actions is clear:

    George set off at 6 o'clock. He drove for four hours, and then stopped for a coffee.

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