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In todayís society, people prefer being tall. It is commonly agreed that tall people are generally better looking, and having the advantage in dating. However, excessive of everything is not a good idea; this includes height. Being too tall carries some disadvantages because there will be difficulties in finding sizable clothing, driving, and looking for a relationship.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things for very tall people is the trouble of finding sizable clothing. In places like Asia, the body height of population majority is considered small compared to America. As most of the clothing in Asia are made according to the average height of its population, extremely tall people will have trouble finding clothing that is suitable; most of the time, a tall personís clothing is custom made, which can be time consuming and costly. This is one of the frustrations for extremely tall people.

Another disadvantage worth mentioning is driving. For very tall people, driving can be very unpleasant. They often have to squeeze themselves into the tiny space of the driverís seat; it is very uncomfortable, especially if they are driving a long trip. Being uncomfortable, as a result, can impair a driverís awareness and driving ability, increasing the risk of traffic accidents. Therefore, driving can be troublesome for very tall people.

Lastly, being very tall can negatively affect dating. Even though tall boys are often desirable in dating, the same canít be said for girls. Many tall girls have trouble finding partners because most of the boys want their girls to be shorter than them. This greatly limits the choice of mates that tall girls have, causing the feeling of distraught and loneliness among those who are looking for a relationship. In the end, tallness may not be an advantage in dating, especially for girls.

Overall, being very tall carries some disadvantages. Those who are very tall will have trouble finding sizeable clothing in some countries and driving because of the size of the vehicles. As for the very tall females, their dating life can be difficult because their tallness limits their choices in mates.