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    Hi Teacher,

    I have difficulty understanding the bracketed sentences. Could you do me a favor?

    1. Increasingly the America rendered today in the America media is
    illusionary and delusionary –disfigured, unreal, disconnected from the true
    context of our lives. In covering actually existing American life, the media
    break new ground in getting it wrong. The coverage is distorted by
    celebrity and the worship of celebrity; by the reduction of news to gossip,
    which is the lowest form of news; by sensationalism, which is always a
    turning away from a society’s real condition; [and by a political and social
    discourse that we –the press, the media, the politicians, and the people –
    are turning into a sewer.]

    2. In any case, how best to lay bare the gendered, racialized and class
    specific conventions underpinning many of [the more entrenched
    journalistic discourses of truth]?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: meanings

    1- The quality of discourse in these areas in declining and becoming unpleasant- personal attacks, etc, rather than debate. The discourse is becoming dirty
    2- Many of the assumptions about what is true in the media are based on a restricted view of affairs, tending, presumably, towards a male, white, middle class view of life.

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