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    WHat do you think of this abstract? Any mistakes?

    Please, can a native or an English teacher correct this abstract for me? It's really urgent. I have got to send it to an editor.

    Pope Gregorious Magnus sent about fifty letters to administrators, priests, prelates and important people living or domiciled in Africa. This small corpus of letters mostly deals with doctrinal matters, problems and considerations about heresy, accusations about (on?) heavy condition of corruption of African clergy, tormented by the plague of simony and by the spread of the Donatists, and about the Pope's respective attempts in order to reform and to purge the ecclesiastical hierarchies. The Donatists "revival" has been faced up for long during the VI century, especially in some areas such as Numidia, which was particularly the last influenced region among the three ecclesiastical provinciae in the North of Africa. There are many interpretations about this "revival" and they all are divergent. According to the communis opinio, the Donatism survived the Vandals and it was wiped out (killed off??) by the Arabic conquest; according to another theory, on the other hand, during the VI century the violent bitterness that had characterized both Catholics and the Donatists in the past would have dispelled and they would have become a group of peaceful people living together. They would have reached an equilibrium that the Pope tried to destroy (to build down??) one way or another, even through the secular authority's repeated intervention. The picture of the African church that may be deduced from Gregorius Magnus's letters confirms the image of an evident pecularity, of a strong inclination towards the independence, where the papal authority was definitely (absolutely) ineffective.

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    Re: WHat do you think of this abstract? Any mistakes?

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