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    journalistic titillation

    Hi teacher,

    Could you please tell me the meanings of those parts in bold?

    In this news culture of journalistic titillation, we teach our readers and our viewers that the trivial is significant, that the lurid and the loopy are more important than real news. We do not serve our readers and viewers, we pander to them. And we condescend to them, giving them what we think they want and what we calculate will sell and boost ratings and readership. Many of them, sadly, seem to justify our condescension, and to kindle at the trash. Sill, it is the role of journalists to challenge, not merely to amuse them.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: journalistic titillation

    Journalistic titillation- things that are not really news, but excite our curiosity. For instance, the news at the moment about the model Kate Moss taking cocaine, complete with photos- it's in the papers because people are curious, rather than it being a real story about something important.

    Papers publish stuff that aims to appeal to out worse natures, and, sadly, it works- we go out and buy it.


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