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    two questions

    Dear Teacher,

    I do not quite understand the following two passages, especially those in bold. Could you please give me a hand?

    1. What does ‘freedom of the press’ mean today? Given that most
    definitions focus on the constraints placed by governments on the right
    to express ideas, opinions and information, what impact are the changing
    dynamics of news media ownership having on these same ‘freedom’?

    2. This brief sketch of several particularly salient issues (located, as they
    are, among an array of others)
    illuminates some of the key features
    of the ongoing debates I have considered to be central to this book’s
    analytical and strategic agendas.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: two questions

    1- Media ownership today is increasingly dominated by a ever smaller number of powerful groups, like Rupert Murdoch's News corporation. This, in turn, will have an impact of freedom of expression, as the media are not very likely to go against the will and ideas of their owners. The fewer owners there are, the less criticism or debate there is, so it isn't just the governments that are controlling the press, or so suggests the idea behind the question.
    2- The salient issues are to be found among a group of other important issues. The author acknowledges that they have an agenda, basically a point to make, and this has had an impact on the dabtes the author uses to reach his or her aims.

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