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    Call it Casey 3.0

    The woman used chloroform to render her daughter unconscious before putting duct tape over her nose and mouth to suffocate her.

    Here does render mean '' to make''?

    He started with the fabrications, telling jurors Casey Anthony "maintains her lies until they absolutely cannot be maintained any more" -- and then replaces it with another lie. "
    Call it Casey 3.0, the new version," Ashton said.

    What does mean 3.0?

    Thank you for your replay.

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    Re: Call it Casey 3.0

    Not a teacher.
    The meaning of render in this context is "make or cause."
    3.0 basically means the version.
    Eg: Firefox 5.0
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    Re: Call it Casey 3.0

    According to the text, Casey lies until the position becomes impossible and then moves to a new story, like a new version of a computer program, so Casey 3.0 means that this is the third different version of events she has given.

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