Hi all,

I have just got back from my first day of an intensive 4 week CELTA course. I'm tired and my throat is sore (not from the course, but what poor timing!).

The people on the course all seem really nice, I'm surprised there isn't a wider range of ages. The oldest student I would say is 30 at the most. The trainers seem really supportive also.

My first teaching session is on Thursday, which is daunting. The timetable is jam packed, the binder I brought is already feeling full!

In the morning we had a nice introductary game. We got to know each other and the trainers better using games/techniques we may use with our own students one day. The extent of the trainers experience is vast. After lunch we discussed teaching reading and then teaching vocabulary.

Overall I am less nervous than I was before the course started and believe that the CELTA will give me a good grounding for starting an English teaching career.

I have to go now - to organise my binder! I think this is the most relaxing evening I will have in the next 4 weeks .