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    To milk that rock

    Sometimes travelling does a lot of good to people who have yet to discover what they want to do with their lives. Some people travel to places far away from their homes, and they return with a new courage, and an insight into themselves that guided their decision. For the rest, they still don't have a clue. Sure, they had a good time, saw the world, and met new friends; yet they just wish they can continue travelling for the rest of their years. But what to do while they had to stand still? They weren't able to milk that rock.
    I know what the expression "to milk something" means.

    1 informal to get as much money or as many advantages as you can from a situation, in a very determined and sometimes dishonest way milk somebody/something for something
    But what does the "rock" represent? Does it have any special meaning that applies to this context?


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    Re: To milk that rock

    It's not a standard phrase- are there any other mentions of rock in the text? The rock is not travelling, but it's not clear to me why it is being used.

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    Re: To milk that rock

    I suspect 'milking a rock' may be an American version of 'getting blood out of a stone' - spending a lot of energy doing something which is known to be impossible from the outset.

    (I only say American because of the word 'rock' - 'rocks' are bigger where I come from . It may well come from some other national variant, or I may be completely wrong.)


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