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    Re: who is online

    Good evening, all.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrPedantic
    I'm still a little uneasy about including reported speech in category I. Some kinds of "would" don't change when reported, e.g.

    1. "Would you like some cake?" (He asked if I would like some cake.)

    I still feel obscurely that reported speech should have its own set of categories... MrP
    Interesting twist. I'd add, some kinds of "would" don't appear to change. That is, how do we know "would" isn't "would" #1?

    EX: Would you. . .? (He asked if I would . . . .)
    Cf. I did it. (She told me she did it.)

    I'm still in favor of moving "would" #3 (habitual) into category I, though.

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    Re: who is online

    Good evening, Casiopea, MrPedantic!

    Your discussion reminds me of what I should have done long ago: I always wanted to read Tense in English by Renaat Declerck (London and New York, 1991) but didn't. I've just checked its contents and found that there's a short chapter called Tense in indirect speech. I'll check it out later, hope there's some help

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    Re: who is online

    Nice find! Do tell, when you're ready, of course.

    Maybe it's time to start a new thread? This one seems to be on its last (thread) legs. Let's call the new thread "would". Some new blood wouldn't hurt, either.

    When you're ready . . .

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    Re: who is online

    A short summary of his view wouldn't be a hindrance, I hope!
    Although I'm beginning to like this quite empty title of this thread, it may be high time to start afresh

    Talk to you soon,

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