she was naif and tender,she was earnest and day when she was sitting at her cozy kingdom,she found a queer person dragging his feet to her kingdom.she was bewildred:why he did not knock my door, why he did not ask for permission.he entred violently;he crept into her poor kingdom.he stayed there,she tried to banish him but it was in,why she could not do so?,why she could not get rid off him.although,he spoiled her life,he infringed her kingdom laws,he broke the wall of her preserved kingdom.the poor lady did not find what to do save her real freind,tears,because if she banishes him,she would eventually die,and if he stays there,she would be burned of sadness.what should she do?how should she behave? should she banish him and be burned of melancholy day after another till she die?or allow him to stay and deceive herself day after another till she discover a bitter truth thet would slaughter her?or may be she will discover a nice truth thet will stop her heart from beating.
the forlorn pen.