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    To slip someone the tongue

    Be honest, Alan. You married the first girl who slipped you the tongue, didn't you?
    What exactly does this expression mean? Does this refer to "French kissing" or just regular kissing or something else?

    French kiss 1. n. kissing using the tongue;
    open-mouth kissing.  Whatís French
    about a French kiss?  I didnít know
    whether I was going to get a French kiss
    or a fish-kiss. 2. tv. to kiss someone using
    the tongue.  Kids like to try to
    French kiss each other at an early age. Itís
    part of growing up.  He tried to French
    kiss me, but I stopped him.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: To slip someone the tongue

    Yes. "Slipping someone the tongue" is a slang expression for a French kiss. The dialog you quoted indicates that Alan was probably a "late bloomer"... very shy as a teenager/young adult, didn't go out with very many girls. Thus when he finally did meet a girl that did more than simply shake hands with him after their first and last date - a girl that gave him a very serious, sensual kiss - he was so afraid of losing her that he proposed marriage to her.

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