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Thread: e.i. or e.g.?

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    e.i. or e.g.?

    What's the difference between e.i. and e.g.? Does one of them mean "for example"?

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    Re: e.i. or e.g.?

    First, it's not "e.i" it's "i.e."

    Both "i.e." and "e.g." are from Latin and have different meanings and uses:

    i.e. = "id est" which means approximately "that is [to say]"

    Use it to expand further on a term or statement:

    The countries of North America, i.e., Canada, the US and Mexico.

    e.g. = "exempli gratia" which means approximately "for [the sake of] example"

    Use it to introduce an example or examples to illustrate a term or statement:

    Take a country in North America, e.g., Canada.


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