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TopicDo you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is only worth watching movies that can teach us something about real life.
With the technological innovation advancing at a staggering rate, movies have found their ways into people's daily life. However, people are divided on whether only films that can teach us lessons abut real life are worth watching. Personally, it's worthwhile to watch a wide variety of films, especially those about virtual world, as long as they are enjoyable and enlightening.
Films irrelevant to real life contribute to the formation of an individual's sense of security as well as optimism. There is little doubt that real life is, to some extent, competitive or even merciless. Thus, we can take a sanctuary in the film which depicts a realm far away from the mundane society and create a virtual world which is full of altruism, integrity as well as beauty. Superman, for instance, consolidates millions of people, old and young alike, their faith in heroism by demonstrating superman's consecutive victories over his brutal foes. It's safe to say that a multitude of audiences, all over the world, when confronted with threats or adversity in their daily life, are able to rise to the occasion thanks to the emotional and psychological supports provided by the film Superman.
Plus, a majority of people go to cinema simply because they want to get rid of daily grinds and have relaxation. In this sense, there is no need for them to merely watch movies that are thought-provoking and instrumental. All that they are craving for is entertainment, so it's whether a movie's fascinating or not that determines their choice. Even if a film was partially mediocre and based on an imaginary story, they would like to view it, for it is hilarious. For these audiences, movies are only one of their countless diversions; therefore, movies don't need to be injected into a wealth of profound meanings or themes.
To sum up, I maintain that films are one of our best pastimes, thus never should we only watch those that teach us a lot about real life. (330 words)