According to the reading, bread is the first product of food made by wheat human has ever had. However, in the lecture, professor made several statements to argue with this passage. He states that beer is the first wheat product due to the fact that it taste better, easier to access and formation happens quickly.
First of all, the reading states that wheat is hard to eat, and people probably ground it into a paste. However, it requires skills for people to think about grounding the wheat into a paste. The professor states that it is more likely that people wait for wheat to sprout. Sprouted wheat is easy to eat and taste better that paste.
Secondly, the reading states that the wheat paste could be baked with fire. However, the professor argues that fermentation of the wheat happens very quickly. Although people back in the days could ground the wheat and bake it, it is more likely for people to just wait for its fermentation which is a lot faster and requires less process for people. Therefore the idea of beer is the first wheat product is more valid.
Thirdly, the reading states that wheat ferments naturally. This make it easier to eat when baked. However, it is unlikely that people would think to bake wheat. Baking is a quite advance process which primitive people would not think of it. It is more likely that people would just leave it for the wheat to ferment and turn into beer.
The professor argues the validity of the reading by stating that beer is easier and faster food product which is more likely to be the first product of wheat. Due to its better taste, easier making process and faster timing, beer is more feasible than bread to be invited by early human with limited skills and comprehensive thinking.