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    window-side employee

    We have a term 'MADOGIWAZOKU', literally 'window-side
    people'. Those are the people who are not needed
    in the company, but for some reason or another the
    company has to keep them. They are given no meaningful
    work and are just sitting near the window. The company
    might be wanting them to vluntarily retire. The company
    might have to keep them because they have contributed
    to the company for a long time. Anyway it's not an
    enjoyable position.
    I wonder if there is any appropriate English term
    for this. 'Pencil pusher' or 'pen pusher' are
    somewhat different I think.
    Thank you.

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    Re: window-side employee

    I know the term, but a similar one doesn't exist in North America. It's tied to culture.

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    Re: window-side employee

    Lol, in North America when you're not needed anymore you're fired. Cultural thing


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